+ 1 level a week

84 academic hours

Intensive training which will teach you to think in English.

What you will learn?

1. You will increase your level of English by 1 level according to Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

2. You will eliminate your language barrier thanks to language immersion.

Who it is for:

  • you do not have time to study for half a year;
  • you are ready to work fast and intensively.


Elementary and higher

The nearest date of the event

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Format of training

  • online (zoom) – 7 days 12 academic hours/day
  • face-to-face – 7 days 12 academic hours/day
  • Schedule: 10.00 — 19.00 with coffee breaks and one lunch break.


Alena Petrova

English language trainer and instructor, certified ESL trainer, CELTA and TESOL tutor, holder of CELTA, CAM and DELTA, designer of ESL materials, trainings and a tailor-made learning English, and co-founder of the language training center Lingua LOFT.


My students are adults aged 20 – 60 of various levels and backgrounds. I have worked with students from Russia, China, Serbia, Turkey and Bulgaria, lived and worked in the USA.

Ekaterina Kudryavtseva

English language trainer and instructor, psychologist and coach. More than 11 years of experience of teaching and 4 years of counselling and coaching. CELTA and CAM holder.


I got educated in London and Oxford. I am the author of an English learning programme applying coaching tools, designer and tutor of psychological trainings, and co-founder of the language training center Lingua LOFT




Speed of passing the level

How long does it take to complete one level? With the intensity of classes 2 times a week for 90 minutes, this is about 5-6 months. We offer fast completion of a level in 7 days for 12 academic hours a day.

Rapid assimilation of the material

How much material do you think is absorbed during learning? From 30 to 50%, this is the capability of human memory and understanding. It turns out that in order to master all the material of the six-month course, you actually need a year and a half. During the intensive course, you will need 14-21 days.

Immersion in the language environment

With intensive training, distraction to other things is minimal. Immersion in the language environment provides a necessary, but natural impetus for the transition of passive knowledge into active.

Intensive training is not difficult at all

The course involves a frequent change of activities: exercises, games, discussions, projects, debates, etc., so the training is not tiring, it is interesting and exciting. There are no boring grammar lectures on the course, the grammar is given through practice with output into speech.



Individual support outside the training

After the end of the training, students can continue to communicate and practice English at the conversational clubs, thematic quests and transformational games. They can always ask the trainers a question on social networks or messengers.

All skills are developing

The course is aimed at the development of speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, the development of grammatical and vocabulary systems. Since the first two skills are the most important for communication, they are given the most attention.