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How to learn English with pleasure, see own progress and feel motivated to achieve more? How to get desired results from learning?
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Alena Petrova

English language trainer and instructor, certified ESL trainer, CELTA and TESOL tutor, holder of CELTA, CAM and DELTA, designer of ESL materials, trainings and a tailor-made of learning English, and co-founder of the language training center Lingua LOFT.

My students are adults aged 20 – 60 of various levels and backgrounds. I have worked with students from Russia, China, Serbia, Turkey and Bulgaria, lived and worked in the USA.

Ekaterina Kudryavtseva

English language trainer and instructor, psychologist and coach. More than 11 years of experience of teaching and 4 years of counselling and coaching. CELTA and CAM holder.


I got educated in London and Oxford. I am the author of an English learning programme applying coaching tools, designer and tutor of psychological trainings, and co-founder of the language training center Lingua LOFT.



Business skills

It is an intensive training which will allow you to master soft Business skills in an interesting and fun way.

What you will learn:

1. Increase your confidence in negotiations, presentations and business meetings in English.

2. Learn and implement main set phrases, used in business communication.

3. Get live experience of negotiating, presenting and networking.

Who this training is for: you need to refresh your knowledge and skills of business communication (presenting, negotiating, meeting, networking); your career is closely connected with communication in English; you want to spend quality time in a fun way.


All English grammar

It is an intensive training which can help you to understand all English grammar as a logical and not scary system, and start speaking in a beautiful and correct way.

What you will learn:

1. Understand how English grammar is built.

2. Create a clear base which will help you to master your English skills in future.

3. Get rid of fear and uncertainty caused by misunderstanding and confusion around English grammatical structures.

Who is this training for: you want to refresh your knowledge in English grammar; you feel that you speak ‘intuitively’ without confidence if you are speaking correctly; you want to level up your knowledge of English grammar fast.

Psychology in English

Amazing and insightful training in English

What you will learn:

1. You will be able to discuss deep, interesting, non-standard topics in English, enriching your speech with up-to-date vocabulary.

2. You will find the answers for questions about relationship, finance, purpose, taking part in masterminds in English.

Who it is for: you are interested in self-development and psychology and want to combine leveling-up your English skills with a non-coursebook discussion.

+1 level a week

Intensive training which will teach you to think in English

What you will learn:

1. You will increase your level of English by 1 level according to Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

2. You will eliminate your language barrier thanks to language immersion.

Who it is for: you do not have time to study for half a year; you are ready to work fast and intensively. 



The first thing that is incredibly captivating about Alena is her personal interest in work. You can immediately see that she just loves her job as an English teacher — she is always trying to find something new, interesting on the topic, and not just following the textbook. It includes a lot of useful listening exercises and speech training in the lesson — watching movies, role-playing games, discussions on the topic. In general, an energetic young teacher for those who really want to learn how to communicate in English.

Anastasia Khaibulina


Learning English for me means new career opportunities, freedom of communication and additional self-confidence. I’ve been studying with Alena for six months now. At the beginning of classes, my knowledge of English was within the school curriculum. Now, 6 months later, I freely communicate with foreign partners, take part in negotiations and read the business press in English with interest. I do not plan to stop there, I will continue to study and improve my level of English proficiency.

Maxim Zlatokrylets

is the Director of Sales of Mitsubishi at Rolf

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